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The City Council of San Diego, California, voted 6-2 today to override Mayor Kevin Faulconer’s veto of a measure to raise the minimum wage in the city over the next three years. The bill, previously passed by the Council, would raise the local minimum wage to $9.75 on January 1, 2015, then to $10.50 in 2016 and $11.50 in 2017. The measure also provides for a minimum of five paid sick days for full-time workers, pro-rated sick time for part-time workers, and ties future minimum wage rates to an inflation index beginning in 2019. San Diego, the nation’s 8th largest city, becomes the largest municipality to enact a minimum wage increase thus far.

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L.A. Mayor Calls for Minimum Wage Increase, Joining Other Major Cities Pushing for Higher Wages

Today Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti called for raising the minimum wage in the nation’s second largest city to $13.25 by 2017, a step that would raise pay for 567,000 struggling Angelenos.

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How Much $$$ Are Minimum Wage Workers Losing? Billions… and Counting!

The federal minimum wage was last increased on July 24, 2009, to $7.25 per hour, and has not been adjusted for inflation. Since then, consumer prices have risen 11 percent, decreasing the purchasing power of minimum wage workers. Every day that the minimum wage remains stuck at the current, poverty-level wage of just $7.25, and is neither raised nor adjusted for inflation, minimum wage workers are effectively hit with mounting pay cuts. Just how much are minimum wage workers losing? Check out these minimum wage worker pay cut clocks, from the Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR).

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My Week Living on Minimum Wage

NELP's Executive Director, Christine Owens, documents her time taking the Live the Wage Challenge, a one-week exercise that supporters of raising the minimum wage undertook to boost awareness of what it’s like to try to get by on $7.25 an hour. The ground rule was simple: Try getting by for seven days on $77, the estimated amount the typical minimum wage worker has for food, transportation and incidentals, after taxes and paying for housing and utilities.

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Is the Fight for $15 the New Eight-Hour Day Movement?

Marking the first national fast food workers’ convention last weekend, Jack Temple, policy analyst with the National Employment Law Project, writes at the Huffington Post likening the current workers’ movement for a minimum $15 per hour wage to that of the late 19th and early 20th century for an eight-hour workday.

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Join the “Live the Wage” Challenge!

July 24th marks five years since the last federal minimum wage increase. While corporate profits and CEO salaries skyrocket, the minimum wage remains stuck at $7.25 an hour. Imagine living on that. Take the "Live the Wage" Challenge!

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White House Honors NELP’s Christine Owens for Efforts to Raise Wages

On July 22nd, the White House honored NELP Executive Director Christine Owens and eight other advocates and community leaders as “Champions of Change” for their efforts to raise wages for working women and men around the country.

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