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July 24th marks five years since the last federal minimum wage increase. While corporate profits and CEO salaries skyrocket, the minimum wage remains stuck at $7.25 an hour. Imagine living on that. Take the "Live the Wage" Challenge!

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White House Honors NELP’s Christine Owens for Efforts to Raise Wages

On July 22nd, the White House honored NELP Executive Director Christine Owens and eight other advocates and community leaders as “Champions of Change” for their efforts to raise wages for working women and men around the country.

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Break in the Ranks: GOP Leaders Now Calling for a Minimum Wage Increase

With the federal minimum wage remaining stuck at just $7.25 per hour for nearly five years now, a growing number of Republicans leaders and conservative commentators have started calling on GOP members of Congress to end the gridlock and allow a vote on a minimum wage increase that would boost pay for an estimated 28 million low-wage workers across the country.

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A New Campaign to Fight Poverty Locally in New York

In his State of the Union address this year, President Obama urged local and state leaders across the country to take action to raise the minimum wage: “To every mayor, governor, state legislator in America, I say you don’t have to wait for Congress to act; Americans will support you if you take this on.”

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Hawaii Joins the $10.10 Club, and Sets the Nation’s Highest Minimum Wage for Tipped Workers

Hawaii just joined the $10.10 club. Thanks to the work of a broad coalition of faith leaders, workers, labor allies, and community members in the state, the Hawaii legislature today passed a bill that will raise the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour by 2018.

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